"We are a proud group with vast experience. 

We are Innovators and Industry Leaders with new and reliable equipment. 

We are motivated and always put the Clients needs first."

The story of Vallei Organies cc can be traced back many years. It all started when Wynland Organiese Kragbemesting (Pty) Ltd  (WOKB) was established in 1993. WOKB started distributing chicken manure to the farming sector growing vegetables and to the local vineyards.  Chicken manure was mainly used as fertilizer and was soon recognised as the  most cost effective form of building soil elements.  WOKB soon started distributing chicken manure to the Northern Cape and all along the Orange River.

WOKB built it’s good reputation and trusted name in the Chicken Industry as a company that met it’s deadlines and kept the ‘clean out chain’ in place, as the chicken houses must be mugged out before the new chicks  can be placed in them.

Due to his knowledge and experience, in 2006, Siebert Neethling (Director) was awarded the tender to mugg out chicken manure in Worcester (Western Cape) by one of the biggest chicken growers in South Africa. In December 2006, the operation started under his son’s supervision with the cleaning of chicken houses and supplying chicken litter to farmers in the Worcester, Breederivier, Robertson, Viliersdorp areas as well as the neighbouring towns around Worcester.

Vallei Organies cc officially started it’s business in 2007 under the management of Siebert Neethling’s son, Gerhardus Neethling, who is currently the Managing Director and a Shareholder.  It started off as a small business, but grew into a very well oiled machine quickly under the leadership of Gerhardus.  He was determined to make a success of Vallei Organies and to take the company to new heights as a leader in this industry.   They started with two Hook Lift Trucks and 5 machines.  Being a career driven leader, Gerhardus thrived in every aspect of the business, from the mechanical work to the financials.  He also works very closely with all his staff members, ensuring that he is always on top of every problem, situation and conversation.  The experience, knowledge and wisdom he gained working with his father has stood him in good stead.

In 2012 Vallei Organies bought out the controlling share in WOKB.  Ockie Olivier, who has worked for WOKB for the last 9 years became a Director and Shareholder in Vallei Organies.  His experience in the technical and logistical side of the operation is a crucial part of the success of Vallei Organies.

These two businesses could not work or run successfully without each other.  With the latest technology, Vallei Organies is the leader in mugging out chicken houses and transportation with specialised vehicles, moving bulk volumes in a short time frame.

Customers have started asking for additional services such as removing cow and pig litter for compost and wood chips.  Vallei Organies has addressed the needs of their customers and is offering a one stop service by providing a solution that meets the requirements of their customers.

With a fleet of more than 50 vehicles and machines, the need for a good and reliable auto electrician became evident. In 2014, Vallei Auto was established with partner, Wynand Rossouw, as Director and Shareholder.  Once again, the inhouse maintenance was in good hands and all the needs of the transporters and farmers were well met.

In 2016, Vallei Organies started providing our services to 8 of the largest Cellars in Worcester by cleaning and transporting their grape skins during the grape harvesting season.  This has proven to be extremely successful, even though the volumes that need to be moved are large and needed to be moved in a very short time frame.




Proving themselves over the years to be the most efficient in cleaning and transportation of chicken manure, they have been awarded the North West province. Supplying chicken manure in Mainly Rustenburg and surroundings provinces exp. Limpopo, Northern Province and Eastern Province.



Siebert Neethling, Gerhardus Neethling, Ockie Olivier



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With a fleet of 80 machines, trucks and service vehicles,
the growth has been fast and challenging,
but definitely all worthwhile!


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